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Range of service



All kinds of rigid and semi-rigid endoscopes.


Storz,Olympus,Wolf,Stryker, ACMI, ACULMAP, Scholly, Rudolf, GIMI, Smith & nephew, Joimax, Maxmore Spine, Think etc.


               Linvatec Wrist Joint Scope T1931                                  Nephroscope /Intervertebral Foraminoscope


                               Wolf Ureteroscope                                                              Ordinary Endoscope

common problems


Common Faults:

1.Blurry image.

2.Foggy image.

3.Half moon image.

4.Distorted image.

5.No image.

6.Yellow image.

7.Fluid invasion.

8.Bent tubing.

9.Burned fiber/tubing/channel.

10.Broken objective lens system.

11.Broken rod lens.

12.Yellow light.

13.15% or more fiber broken.

14.Broken objective/eyepiece window.

15.Worn channel.

Item of service


Repair Work:

1.Completely disassemble and clean optical system.

2.Replacement of rod lenses, objective system, eyepiece window.

3.Replacement of semi-rigid image bundle and objective system.

4.Replacement of fiber, outer and inner tubings.

5.Replacement of eyepiece, ID ring, O ring.

6.Adjust and align scope.

7.Recalibrate optical lens spacers.

8.Straighten tubing, polish tip.

9.Remove stain from control body.

10.Reseal scope.

11.Autoclave test.

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